Sinofsky leaves: what is means for Microsoft

Indeed, as you just read, I believe the official version stating that Steven Sinofsky actually left the company. And I don’t believe the one(s) saying that he was pushed away for some weird reasons. Microsoft wants to have more interconnected divisions? I don’t seriously think that only one man can go against that. He has a difficult character? So do most successful corporate people. Just remember Steve Jobs…

No, I actually believe the man when he says the time was right, and that his outing was actually prepared.

I also think that Microsoft is probably better off without him than it was with him. And why is that? Well, just let me share with you some basic observations:

  1. Steven Sinofsky was THE man responsible for Windows 7, which everyone likes to call a success. Well, allow me to say what I think of Windows 7: just another Windows, looking very much like XP and Vista, with nothing really fancy in it. Indeed, they removed the all the “are you sure” things from Vista, but is it really so different to be called a huge success compared to the Vista debacle? I don’t think so.
  2. Sinofsky was heavily involved in the development of Internet Explorer 8. What??? Yes!!! That horrible piece of crapware, probably the worst browser ever released by Microsoft. I prefer ie7 to ir8. I’ve never ever used anything that slow, that unstable and that full of useless features.
  3. He was involved in Office 2007 and the famous ribbon. While I generally like the ribbon, I must say I was disappointed as well by Office 2007, as I was by 2010, from the lack of inspiration of these products.
  4. He is responsible for Windows 8. While I very much like the new OS, mainly for the performance improvements, I have ┬ásome remarks about it (as I’ve blogged about in the past). I totally respect the new Metro interface. I think it’s totally brilliant. But, it’s unfinished. For example, why can’t we group applications in folders? And, most importantly, I can’t understand the decision that Microsoft made about the dual environment. This was the easy choice. Between what’s easy and what’s right, Microsoft made the wrong choice. And I hold Sinofsky responsible for this, as he was after all president of the Windows division. Why didn’t Microsoft come up with something like a “basic and advanced mode” for example, that look the same! And don’t make the user feel it uses an OS with a dual personality issue ? Maybe he is right and this ecosystem shift is actually to best way to go. I am sure the guys at Microsoft have been debating this for long hours. Still, strange decision. Could probably be, at the very least, more motivated and explained by Microsoft.
  5. Windows Live wave 3??


So I am convinced that with Sinofsky away, Microsoft will have new opportunities to make Windows a more audacious product. Can’t wait to see Windows 9… (next year? :) )