Siri and Bing

That’s quite a news! Siri going with Bing. If done right, this should give Bing the¬†credibility it still needs. And I am convinced this will be done right. The Bing team is just achieving an amazing job. Bing results are constantly improving, as a daily user I can see it.

The last Comscore numbers are 17.4%. I think that this deal’s announcement could bring that number up to 20% next month.

The reasons why Apple chose Bing are really what I would like to know here. I can see a couple:

  1. Steve Jobs was totally angry with Google. Apple is being consistent in trying to reduce their dependence on Google. First maps, now Siri. Actually, my guess is that soon enough, Siri will not need a search engine anymore, as it will be one.
  2. Siri does not serve ads. Google is an ad company. Maybe Google was not that interested anymore

Whatever the reason, to me Microsoft is the big winner here.

First the publicity. People talk about this.

Second having Bing associated to Apple’s name. Apple is quality. They would not go with Bing if it were not good would they?

More quality. Microsoft will have access to the requests. More requests for them to analyse and feed their machine learning algorithms.

More market share.


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